Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My greatest motivation...

Velest, my sauve looking personal trainer..

Princess and nathan!!

Honestly, i feel so free now, free of burden, free of sadness, free.. Ive met countless of friends over the past month and im surprised, really am surprised how valuable friends are to me now.

Dee, wayne velest cecelia, mavis, audrey (happy for u guys finally offically tog!), sab, shawna, felicia, mink, carmen, ZA, JL, zenna.. all my advisors in one way or another..

And velest, my personal trainer! haha. And i swear shes a good one, she will stand next to me counting down how many sets i have done and monitor em! But shes quite a cheat (learn from me!), cause sometimes she will keep repeating certain number so that i will do more. Of cos i will immediately give her those WTH stares.. haha. But it certainly help doing it with ya buddy, i cant imagine how its gonna be like with dee.. hahaha.. Full of wonderful laughters i am sure.

I love you guys!